Wheel Chocks Save Lives!

Wheel Chocks Save Lives!

Why are wheel chocks important?

Wheel chocks are designed to prevent stationary vehicles from shifting or moving when they are not in use. They also help to prevent accidents on site and help with employee safety. Wheel chocks must be secured properly to keep trucks and other vehicles from moving, especially on a gradient.
Choosing the right size wheel chock is vital, as the incorrect size makes it basically useless, remember to place it in the middle of the wheel.

3 Points needed to find the correct chock for the job.

  1. First you need to know how much a vehicle will weigh while caring a load, because each chock is rated to a specific weight capacity
  2. Ideally, the correct wheel chock should be about ¼ of the tyre’s height. This should allow the chock to fit securely under the tyre.
  3. Lastly, you’re going to want to determine how many chocks you need. We can assist with this calculation if needed.

You are responsible for the safety of not only your trucks and their loads but also that of other citizens.

Below is a news report from Sunday Times where a freak accident occurred in Pinetown in 2020.  The situation could have been prevented with the proper use of the simple yet extremely effective component that saves lives! The wheel chock!

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