The quality and safety of lashing equipment

Too many times on our travels on the South African highways and roads we see transport incidents. These are due to load shifts and lost loads. During this time we stop and think… “what is the cost of that cargo wasted on the road?” Yet, this is not the primary concern in this situation.
Transport companies can carry excessively heavy loads at a time-varying in sizes and dimensions. Transport is only possible due to the large road infrastructure developed and maintained in our country. This road network is also used during the commute of our friends, family, and loved ones.
So here is what we should think next time we see a transport load littered over the road… “Has there been a loss of life? Is anyone injured or hurt? The loss must be tragic for their loved ones!” If no bystanders were hurt, the next question we all need to ask is… “Are our roads now damaged? Can we continue to transport other needed goods and services along this route? If there is any damage who will pay for this repair and how much would that cost?”
After a load is lost there are costs to pay above the actual value of the lost load. There is a responsibility and accountability to be upheld for loss of life, injury, and public damage. Who will carry this burden and cost? This is the reason we have such extensive insurance and why we all pay the hefty premiums we do. But they don’t simply payout. Insurance companies look into every eventuality. The driver, the truck condition, and yes the load securing equipment will be investigated.
This includes all lashing equipment that secures
every load on every transport journey. This is a cost of sale one could do without? Any cost saving is great for the bottom line? But what if your load is lost due to inferior safety equipment?
We have reached out to a few insurance companies. They have informed us that if a claim fails the equipment inspection then the transport company will be responsible for all costs related to the incident. This means that not only will the company need to replace the damaged truck and cargo but also the damage caused to the roads. Civil engineers have indicated that this cost can be in the vicinity of 4-6 million rand per kilometer of damage. This all pails in comparison to the legal and moral responsibility of changing lives due to injury or death.

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While hard to accept the necessity of a product that takes away from profit. The correct information and certifications can give you assurances. You have done your part. Your part in preventing possible tragedy. Your part in upholding all the terms and conditions of your insurance. Your part in keeping South African roads safer. So play your part and ensure that your supplier provides product certification, load test results, or any guarantee they may be able to offer. Make sure you are legally covered.
Montaz S.A. supplies the industry with certification, product, and technical knowledge information. Our experience, spanning more than 28 years ensures you have the right products for your application.
We pride ourselves on the safety of our customers! Because it’s your trucks bringing our needed supplies. Because it’s our children and loved ones traveling the same roads. 
The quality and safety of lashing equipment
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