Tarpaulins - Why use a tarpaulin?

Be safe on the roads by covering your loads!

The cargo and loads of merchandise that are being transported by your trucks need protection from the environment. Using a tarpaulin will preserve the quality of the goods that are being transported. Tarpaulins will protect your cargo from water, dust, and other elements, especially in extreme weather conditions! To get more use and an extended lifespan from a tarpaulin we  strongly recommend choosing a product with UV protection.

Can using a tarpaulin save you money?

It may not be obvious, but having a tarpaulin covering a load can improve your truck’s fuel efficiency. Provided it is correctly secured and fastened. The use of a tarpaulin will reduce the air drag over the load and therefore reduce your truck’s fuel consumption.

Tarpaulins also provide added safety for other road users ...

Securing the cargo with a good quality tarpaulin also means protecting other road users and their vehicles from potential danger! By covering your cargo you will also offer adequate protection for other road users from anything that may blow off the trailer when traveling on the roads.
If items do fall, the major downside for your transport companies is the loss of profit and a decline in the happiness of your customers.

What to consider when purchasing your tarpaulins.

When purchasing a tarpaulin, you must ensure that you measure the size of your truck. Don’t estimate the size! When you invest money into a tarpaulin that will last you for a long period, you need to make sure that the fit is right.
Tarpaulins can initially be an expensive product…..but as we have already mentioned they pay off many times over in the long run!

Lastly make sure to get good quality straps!

All your cargo lashing and cargo protection equipment needs to be of a high quality that is certified when possible. 

At Montaz SA we not only offer great prices but also insist on the best quality possible. Contact us now to find out how we can advise and assist you, or see more in our next article.

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Tarpaulins – Why use a tarpaulin?
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