Corner Plates Reduce Damage!

The primary use of Corner Plates

is to reduce damage to goods during transport

Corner Plates are the most efficient, simple, and reliable way to protect cargo. They protect edges, strengthen boxes, facilitate packing, and protect against strapping. Strap tension used in securing your load can damage the containers they are meant to protect. 

Placement of Corner Plates at vertical and horizontal edges accepts and redistributes that tension and pressure. Business to business or business to end-user, if the package does not arrive in good shape, the business has a problem. Damaged packaging means unsaleable and unacceptable products. After all, end-users do not care who is at fault when their goods arrive in a damaged condition. Every link in a supply chain has its own cost and each of those costs adds to the price of the final product. Competitive businesses feel they are working on tight margins.  These margins would take a direct hit with damaged goods. To customers, damaged goods and packaging means carelessness, poor quality, and bad service. To Businesses, this means lost time and revenue! Make sure you care for your loads and protect them as part of your reliable and dependable service.

blue corner plate
red corner plate

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Reduce damage to your goods
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