Cargo Nets – Benefits of Cargo Nets

Benefits of Cargo Nets This week we plan to address all aspects of when you should be using cargo nets to secure your loads. How they can assist in making transport easier and more convenient. Most importantly how they can add additional safety to your trucks, your loads, and other road users. FLEXIBILITY The biggest […]

Tarpaulins – Why use a tarpaulin?

Tarpaulins – Why use a tarpaulin? Be safe on the roads by covering your loads!  The cargo and loads of merchandise that are being transported by your trucks need protection from the environment. Using a tarpaulin will preserve the quality of the goods that are being transported. Tarpaulins will protect your cargo from water, dust, […]

Reduce damage to your goods

Corner Plates Reduce Damage! The primary use of Corner Plates is to reduce damage to goods during transport Corner Plates are the most efficient, simple, and reliable way to protect cargo. They protect edges, strengthen boxes, facilitate packing, and protect against strapping. Strap tension used in securing your load can damage the containers they are […]

Wheel Chocks Save Lives!

Wheel Chocks Save Lives! Why are wheel chocks important? Wheel chocks are designed to prevent stationary vehicles from shifting or moving when they are not in use. They also help to prevent accidents on site and help with employee safety. Wheel chocks must be secured properly to keep trucks and other vehicles from moving, especially […]

Lashing Straps – Everything you should know

Lashing Straps – Top tips and insights We all know that lashing straps are used for securing cargo. We know they are an important component of material handling. Yet, did you know that not all straps are created equally? Lashing straps are made from polyester webbing. This gives them low elongation to ensure they keep loads secured. […]

The quality and safety of lashing equipment

The quality and safety of lashing equipment Too many times on our travels on the South African highways and roads we see transport incidents. These are due to load shifts and lost loads. During this time we stop and think… “what is the cost of that cargo wasted on the road?” Yet, this is not […]

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