Cargo Nets – Benefits of Cargo Nets

Benefits of Cargo Nets

This week we plan to address all aspects of when you should be using cargo nets to secure your loads. How they can assist in making transport easier and more convenient. Most importantly how they can add additional safety to your trucks, your loads, and other road users.


The biggest benefit of Cargo Nets is flexibility. Being flexible in their shape, Cargo Nets are ideal for holding down uneven and oddly-shaped loads. This is a definite benefit when you’re frequently hauling items that might otherwise be difficult to strap down. Instead of multiple straps needing to be placed over each item, a Cargo Net can cover these in one pass.


Securing the cargo with a good quality Cargo Net also means protecting other road users and their vehicles from potential danger! By covering your cargo you will also offer adequate protection for other road users from anything that may blow off the trailer when traveling on the roads.
If items do fall, the major downside for your company is the loss of profit and a decline in the happiness of your customers.


Unlike ropes, the Cargo Nets supplied by Montaz SA feature a UV protective coating that keeps them from disintegrating in the sun. This makes Cargo Nets more durable than some other options. On long trips in our harsh South African climate investing in cargo protection that lasts is essential.


Use a Cargo Net over your tarpaulin. This will help to protect your tarpaulin from wind damage. Reducing tears and frayed edges, extending the life of this costly item. When a tarpaulin is covered with a Cargo Net it creates a good deterrent against theft as well. With the added layer of cover, it becomes more difficult to steal items from your loads and more difficult to steal the tarpaulin itself.


As you are aware at Montaz SA we view the safety of our roads as a priority. A Cargo Net is designed to contain most loads if the vehicle is in a collision. It reduces cargo-related accidents, driver liability, unnecessary risk, and potential lawsuits. Thus making the Cargo Net a great contributor to the safety and protection of your loads, your business, and other road users.

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